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America Health Value is a great option for those looking for an account with low set-up fees, free debit card withdrawals, and multiple investment options.  The staff at American Health Value is very friendly and courteous, and a pleasure to work with.

Setup Fee
Closing Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee

Access Fee: Free debit card withdrawals and free check writing - your first book of 50 checks is also free.
Investment Options: Either low-paying savings account (see interest rates below), or various mutual funds.
For information on the investment options please visit Delaware Investments.

Account Balance
$0 -- $1,000: 
$1,001 -- $10,000: 
$10,001 -- $25,000: 
$25,001 and over: 

Perks:  Free withdrawals, first 50 checks free, easy online account access, 24-hour per day customer service.

Trading Fee:  N/A

Contact Phone:  N/A

Open Account Options:  N/A

Free Discount Prescription Drug Card:


All HSA accounts opened with America Health Value receive a free Discount Prescription Drug Card accepted at all K-Mart pharmacies nationwide.  While savings on each prescription may vary, these cards will provide savings that average 15% to 40% below the pharmacy's retail prices for name and generic brand prescriptions.  This is a discount prescription plan. Because you pay at the pharmacy and there is no insurance paperwork, the added savings is passed on directly to you when you present your card at the participating pharmacy.

Of course, any expenses you incur for prescription or over-the-counter drugs can be paid for from your
HSA account.

You can visit American Health Value at for complete information and application instructions.

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