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Bank of Cashton

The Bank of Cashton is a leading provider of Health Savings Accounts.  They have been a custodian of such accounts since their inception as Medical Savings Accounts.  The intent of Health Savings Accounts was to enable employers of all sizes and individual consumers financial incentives to provide more affordable health care. HSA's bring the individual back to the forefront in determining their health decisions.

Setup Fee
Closing Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee

Perks:  The Bank of Cashton HSA offers online banking, exceptional customer support, free checks or a debit card and earns at least 3.55% APY on all balances.  Call our experienced staff at (800) 205-7203 or go to our website to get started with your Bank of Cashton HSA today!  Individuals and groups welcome!

Trading Fee:  N/A

Contact Phone:  608-654-5121

Open Account Options:  Branch or Online

You can visit Bank of Cashton at for complete information and application instructions.

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