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DataPath Administrative Services, Inc.

The nation's premiere Consumer Driven Health Plan administrator, DataPath Administrative Services, Inc. (DPAS), began opening Medical Savings Accounts in 1997 and began offering HSAs January 1, 2004.
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Access Fee:  None

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In addition to an interest-bearing savings account, qualified account holders have access to a diverse range of investment alternatives to choose from, along with four professionally managed model portfolios that support varied investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Visit to view a comprehensive Investment Guide. (Requires Adobe Reader 7)


We pride ourselves on serving as the account holder's Personal HSA Assistant, offering plan eligibility certification, personal enrollment services, contribution and disbursement management, online account access, online claims storage and certification, an option of a debit or a credit card, investments, electronic funds tranfers, tax form assistance, and more.

Contact Phone:  866-372-7472

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1601 Westpark Dr., Ste. 9
Little Rock, AR 72204

You can visit DataPath Administrative Services, Inc. at for complete information and application instructions.

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