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Home Federal provides a new approach to HSAs with unparalleled options and benefits for the customer with no initial sign-up fee.

HSA Basic for the customer who intends to use their HSA as a transaction account. No minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees, just one low annual fee to cover all services including round-the-clock access to account information via Home Federal's e-Banking internet service and monthly statements for easy record-keeping.

HSA Select for the customer who maintains a higher balance and desires a higher return on their funds. With a $5,000 minimum balance, the HSA Select customer can earn significantly higher returns and those returns increase as the account balance increases, all while giving the customer unrestricted access to HSA funds for appropriate expenses. HSA Select customers will pay the same low annual fee to cover all services including internet banking and monthly statements.

HSA Investment Services for the customer who wants to maximize their return through investments in the Delaware Investments Mutual Funds. This option can be used by customers who open either an HSA Basic or HSA Select account.

For one low annual fee of $40, Home Federal HSA customers will receive:

  • VISA Debit Card for account access worldwide;
  • Internet banking available 24/7;
  • HomeLine telephone banking available 24/7;
  • Customer service representatives available Monday through Saturday;
  • Monthly statement for easy record-keeping;
  • Annual IRS reporting.

For more information concerning Home Federal's Health Savings Account programs, please contact John Mendiola at 1-800-888-7283 extension 5044.

Contact Phone:  1-800-888-7283 ext 5044

Open Account Options:  N/A

You can visit First American Bank at for complete information and application instructions.

*Disclaimer:The information listed above is current to the best of our knowledge.  Please visit this administrator's web site or contact them directly to get the most current information available.


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