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Oak Brook Bank

Oak Brook Bank is ideal for those in Illinois who want to establish a Health Savings Account with their local bank.
Setup Fee
Closing Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee

* fee waived once balance exceeds $2,500

Access Fee: Free debit card withdrawals and free check writing.
Investment Options: Checking account (see interest rates below).

Account Balance
$0 -- $999.99: 
$1,000 -- $9,999: 
$10,000 and over: 

About Oak Brook Bank:

A $2.03 billion commercial bank chartered in Illinois, Oak Brook Bank is amongst the first local banking institutions to offer clients the ability to walk in to their local bank to establish their HSA.  They are headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, half an hour west of Chicago, and have 15 branches in the suburbs of western Illinois; and two additional branches located in Downtown Chicago and on Chicago's North Shore.  Visit their website below for complete details and to find a branch near you.

Contact Phone:  N/A

Open Account Options:  N/A

You can visit Oak Brook Bank at for complete information and application instructions.

*Disclaimer:The information listed above is current to the best of our knowledge.  Please visit this administrator's web site or contact them directly to get the most current information available.

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